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Appraisal Pricing

1 3-hour course=$40 (also for Appraisal Law Update)
7-Hour USPAP= $215 (includes textbooks)
3 3-hour courses=$99
4 3-hour courses=$109
28 Hours=$415

Excellent.  This is the first USPAP class I didn't want to fall asleep in.  Used relevant examples to keep people interested.

I have been an appraiser for 25+ years and have always dreaded USPAP courses. This is the second time I have had Mr. Beal as an instructor. He is great. The whole day was informative, enjoyable and went by very fast. I would attend his classes in the future.

He (Jeff Beal) is a keeper!

Good command of the class.  Illustrations are wonderful.  He set his boundaries and rules up front. Used humor. Organized thoughts and clearly delivered.  Your (Jeff Beal) accent is priceless!

Very entertaining / Tremendous insight!

Appraisal Requirements

You must take the 7-hour “USPAP” and the 3-hour “Appraisal Law Update with Supervisory/Provisional Appraiser Education” as part of your required 28 hours of approved continuing education. The deadline for license renewal is April 30th, 2016.
All students are required by the Appraisal Foundation to have a Student Workbook & a copy of USPAP 7 2016-2017 Update in order to receive course credit. These books are supplied by TDI & are included in the price of the course.
NOTE:  If you are both Appraisal and Real Estate Licensed, you will need the 28 hours for appraisal CE, PLUS the Real Estate mandatory “Connecticut Real Estate Legal Review and Update" (total of 31 hours)

For details on Connecticut CE requirements CLICK HERE or go to:


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